Tools & Automation

What works at one size doesn’t necessarily work at another. One Size Doesn’t infect fit all. No amount of training or even genetic engineering will produce a supersonic horse. The dragon agility group is increasingly convinced that we have more than reached the limits of what can be accomplished through meetings, coordination events, and conversations. The information and communication overhead is so great that an individual or even a group of individuals are not able to hold all the necessary details in their brains at the same time. Now certainly the human element in the human understanding is necessary I will never be eliminated but unless software delivery can be map-produced, it will not be able to continue to grow at the rate that it has. That’s not to say that no one is being able to do this well open-source software and a few high-profile tech companies have employed effective methods they we aim to highlight and more explicitly integrate more clearly here. Our contention though is it these Solutions revolve around tools and automation. Tools and automation are the race cars flying past the horses of methods.

Technical Prerequisites to Speed and Scalability

Before we get into the specifics of the technical prerequisites we believe there to be to speed and scalability let’s establish this as a value. The value that anytime we can remove human effort and attention space former process we free up that human effort for more highly valuable creative needs. With this in mind, it is our value that we will always look 4 ways to automate and instantiate our system and process as code. With this in mind we are convinced of the following.

Feature teams are the means of map-reducing delivery. The problem is that organizations are not making technology decisions that support cross-functional feature teams. This happens in the following ways:

  1. Teams interface in coordinate through endless meetings and not via API
  2. Seems are not decoupled through microservices in micro-front ends
  3. Teams do not employ feature Flags
  4. Teams plan dependent releases

Technical Setup and Training

The Dragon agility group endorses working smarter not harder. We aim to optimize the system as a whole and we will not set out to build a skyscraper with hand shovels. To this end we support using the right tool for the right job and this means employing suitable technology stack Solutions and tools. As a service, we do provide implementation recommendations specific to your organization and set up as well as training so that your team’s know-how to effectively use these tools. The best way to do this is to your organization’s ongoing University program but at jump-start is not unsuitable to get that ball rolling.